Past Conferences

9. Meeting of IEHS

Dezember 11, 2017

The 9th Meeting of International Society of Endoscopic Hernia (IEHS) was held together with the Annual Meeting of Chinese Hernia College of Surgeons (CHCS) in Beijing from 12th to 14th of October 2017 (program link). On October 12-14, 2017, the … Read more…

8. Meeting of IEHS

November 27, 2017

The 8th Meeting was held in Buenos Aires/Argentina, from 14th to 16th of September 2017, together with the II Congreso Argentino De Cirurgia De La Pared Abdominal and the 3rd Annual Symposium of the International Hernia Collaboration . The program … Read more…

7. Meeting of IEHS

September 11, 2017

The 7th Meeting was held in Windhoek/ Namibia, from 23th to 26th of October 2013, organized by Dr. Matthias Rohr. The main topics of the meeting in Windhoek/Namibia were: 1. Update of Guidelines for laparoscopic (TAPP) and endoscopic (TEP) treatment … Read more…

6. Meeting of IEHS

September 11, 2017

The 6th Meeting was held in Belgrade/ Serbia, from 11th to 13th of October 2012, hosted by the Serbian Hernia Society and organized by Dr. Bojan Radovanovic. In first line the meeting was dedicated to the promotion of laparo-endoscopic hernia … Read more…

5. Meeting of IEHS

September 11, 2017

The fifth meeting was organized from 13th to 16th of October 2011 in Suzhou/China as a “Consensus Conference for Development of Guidelines on Laparoscopic Repair of Abdominal and Incisional Hernia.”. The meeting was hosted by Prof. Zheng Ji ( Professor … Read more…

4. Meeting of IEHS

September 11, 2017

The fourth meeting was organized from the 19th to 21th of February 2009 in New Delhi/India as a “Consensus Conference for the Development of Technical Guidelines in Endohernia Surgery”. The meeting was hosted by Pradeep Chowbey (Executive Vice Chairman – … Read more…

3. Third Meeting of IEHS.

September 11, 2017

The third meeting of IEHS was organized from the 17th to 19th of January 2008 in Stuttgart/Germany at the occasion of retirement of Reinhard Bittner after 18 years working as Director of the Department of General-and Visceral Surgery of the … Read more…

2. Second Meeting of IEHS

September 11, 2017

The second meeting of IEHS was organized in Berlin from 27th to 28th of June 2005.

1. Founding Meeting of the International Endohernia Society (IEHS)

September 11, 2017

On the 31th of May 2004 the International Endohernia Society was founded in Kallithea located on the peninsula Chalkidiki/Greece. The founding members mainly coming from Germany and Greece were general and visceral surgeons highly interested in laparo-endoscopic hernia repair. The … Read more…